118th U.S. Open Championship Sectional Qualifying - Visual Assets

Visual content of the 118th U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying and content previewing the U.S. Open Championship are available on the USGA’s Digital Archive. These assets, to view and download, are strictly for editorial use.


118th U.S. Open Visual Content


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All assets contained herein are the property of the United States Golf Association and are to be used solely in conjunction with USGA news and information. They are not to be used in conjunction with non-USGA materials or for commercial purposes of any kind. Caption information can be found in the File Info field in Photoshop. All photos must carry the copyright credit (©USGA/photographer’s name).  


*Please Note: The photos that we are sending to you are either high quality JPEG compressed files or TIF files in RGB color space. They should be launched in Adobe Photoshop for best quality reproduction. In an effort to provide to you the highest quality images, unless otherwise noted, we have only made basic color corrections and have not sharpened the images. By doing this, we are allowing you or your prepress to make the enhancements and proper amount of sharpening appropriate for your specific needs. The RGB photo files can be easily converted to CMYK or Grayscale in Adobe Photoshop if necessary.


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