1. J. Périco -5 8
2. A. Villavicencio -4 14*
3. A. E. Ortiz -3 F
T4. H. Machado -2 F*
T4. G. Chuang -2 11*
T6. N. Echavarria -1 F*
T6. A. Gallegos -1 F
T6. T. Gana -1 F
T6. J. Esteve -1 6

Photo and Video Requests

Photo and Video Requests

June 2018:

118th U.S. Open Championship, including Sectional Qualifying, Trophy and Shinnecock Photos - Visual (Still)  Assets: Photo Lightbox 

118th U.S. Open Championship:  General Championship Video Footage:  2018 U.S. Open B-Roll

May 2018: 

118th U.S. Open Championship Preview Day and Select Shinnecock/Trophy Photos:  Photo Lightbox

4th U.S. Amateur Four-Ball: Photo Lightbox

April 2018: 

    4th U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball: Photo Lightbox

    2018 USGA Bob Jones Award Recipient Images can be found here:  2018 USGA Bob Jones Award Winner


    Other Photography Requests: 

    The USGA's Photo Archive is the official source for USGA images and one of the most comprehensive collections of golf photography in the world. To submit a request to  our archivists please send an email to photorequests@usga.org. In most cases, your request will be reviewed within 24 hours and filled as quickly as possible. Use of all images in the USGA Photo Archive is subject to terms and conditions.

About the USGA Photo Archive: The United States Golf Association’s photo archive has one of the most comprehensive collections of golf photography in the world. The collection contains more than 500,000 images, including original black-and-white prints from the beginning of golf and photography in the United States, as well as an extensive collection of contemporary images. Each year, more than 15,000 images are added to the collection from our film library, championships and other assignments. Members of the media can apply for an account to perform online searches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on photocollection.usga.org. If you are interested in learning more about the USGA Photo Archive or have a photo request, please contact us at photorequests@usga.org.

    Video Requests

   For all inquiries, please email Shannon Doody, the USGA’s Film & Video archivist, at sdoody@usga.org.