USGA Awards

Green Section Award

The Green Section Award recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the game through their work with turfgrass. The USGA Green Section was created in 1920 to conduct research and to collect and distribute information about the proper maintenance and upkeep of golf courses to member clubs and courses.

Award Winners:  
1961             Dr. John Monteith, Jr. 1989             Dr. James B. Beard
1962             Dr. Lawrence S. Dickinson 1990             Chester Mendenhall
1963             O.J. Noer 1991             Dr. Joseph C. Troll
1964             Joseph Valentine 1992             Dr. Richard Skogley
1965             Dr. Glenn W. Burton 1993             Dr. Ralph E. Engel
1966             Dr. H. Burton Musser 1994             Dr. Kenyon T. Payne
1967             Elmer J. Michael 1995             David C. Stone
1968             James L. Haines 1996             Robert M. Williams
1969             Dr. Fred V. Grau 1997             Dr. Paul E. Rieke
1970             Eberhand R. Steiniger 1998             B.J. Johnson
1971              Tom Mascaro 1999             Dr. Noel Jackson
1972             Herb and Joe Graffis 2000            L. Palmer Maples, Jr.
1973              Dr. Marvin H. Ferguson 2001             Dr. Patricia M. Cobb
1974             Dr. Howard B. Sprague 2002            George B. Thompson
1975              Dr. Fanny-Fern Davis 2003             Dr. Houston Couch
1976             Dr. James R. Watson 2004            Monroe S. Miller
1977              Edward J. Casey 2005             Peter O. Cockingham
1978             Dr. Jess de France 2006            Dr. Robert C. Shearman
1979             Arthur A. Snyder 2007             Dr. Joseph M. Vargas
1980             Dr. C. Reed Funk 2008            Ted Horton
1981             Dr. Joseph M. Duich 2009            Terry Bonar
1982             Charles G. Wilson 2010             Dan Potter
1983             Alexander M. Radko 2011             Dennis Lyon
1984             Dr. William H. Daniel 2012             Wayne Hanna
1985             Dr. Victor B. Youngner 2013             Dr. Victor Gibeault
1986             James B. 'Monty' Montcrief 2014             Dr. Peter Dernoeden
1987             Sherwood A. Moore 2015             Dr. Pat Vittum
1988             Dr. Roy L. Goss 2016             Dr. Bruce Clarke




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