1. J. Périco -5 8
2. A. Villavicencio -4 14*
3. A. E. Ortiz -3 F
T4. H. Machado -2 F*
T4. G. Chuang -2 11*
T6. N. Echavarria -1 F*
T6. A. Gallegos -1 F
T6. T. Gana -1 F
T6. J. Esteve -1 6

USGA Experts

USGA Experts

Research Science and Innovation

Matt Pringle has been with the USGA since 2000 after completing his doctoral thesis at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Pringle’s contributions to the USGA include the invention...

Hunki Yun is the USGA’s liaison with the golf industry in the organization’s efforts to conduct research, collect data and develop best practices, tools and resources that will help facilities...


John Bodenhamer joined the USGA as senior managing director of Championships & Governance in June 2011. In his role, he oversees the inside the ropes conduct of the USGA’s Open championships, as...

Thomas Pagel joined the USGA in January 2011 and is responsible for the oversight of Rules-related functions for the organization. As part of this role, Thomas serves as the lead staff member on...

Turfgrass and Environmental Research

As managing director of the USGA’s Green Section, Kimberly Erusha oversees the association’s efforts to help golf facilities produce better playing conditions for better golf. Her...

USGA Equipment Standards

John Spitzer has been the USGA’s managing director of equipment standards since 2013. He was hired by the USGA in 1997 after spending eight years at Princeton University, where he worked in the...